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An Eco-Resort, with respect for the environment

Green key label®

Our environmental policy, for a preserved environment


The Residence has pursued since its opening in 2010, an environmental policy focused on protecting its natural environment.
Our main focus are energy, water, waste management, and biodiversity.

These efforts have been recognized through the Green key certification, every year since 2011.
A major strategy for achieving our objective is through raising awareness among all employees and guests about the impact of their behaviour on the environment.

The aim is to minimise the energy footprint, sensibilize our guests to the air quality in Vallorcine and ultimately look to renewable energy sources.
The Residence already has a good energy performance, as demonstrated by their annual energy intensity index of 218 kWh/m2.
Energy Consumption Management : our efforts are focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing energy usage, to reduce the environmental impact and energy bills.
Low-energy lights and LED lamps are used throughout the residence, as LED lamps have an average life span of 30,000 hours and have a low heat output compared to halogen or incandescent lamps.
Likewise, the installation of occupancy sensor lighting in all common areas has allowed overall savings of 30% on total energy costs.
A system allowing heat recovery from the ice-rink compressor to produce heat for the swimming pool water has also been implemented.
Solar Energy Investment : solar pannels allows us to save significant amounts of energy.

The Residence has since its opening in 2010 understood the need to protect water resources (large consumers of water within the hospitality industry).
Our main focus are :
- Water Recycling
- Minimizing Water Consumption
- Reduce chlorine in the pool

The residence try to plant as many endemic species as possible in their gardens to help preserve local plants.
In addition, the Green key certification ensures controlled pesticide use, which has a beneficial effect on biodiversity by limiting the impact of these chemicals on indigenous species.